A Startup services company focused on software companies

Reagan Lancaster

1/5/20231 min read

Tige Investments and Reagan Lancaster have made a smart move by investing in Sourcetap (, a start-up service company focused on software companies. This investment offers several benefits for the investment portfolio.

Firstly, Sourcetap is in a high-growth industry. The software sector has been experiencing strong growth in recent years, and this trend is expected to continue. By investing in Sourcetap, Tige Investments and Reagan Lancaster are positioning themselves to take advantage of this growth.

Secondly, start-ups have the potential to offer significant returns on investment. While there is always some risk involved in investing in a start-up, the rewards can be substantial if the company is successful. Sourcetap has a strong business model and a talented team, which gives it a good chance of achieving success.

Thirdly, investing in Sourcetap allows Tige Investments and Reagan Lancaster to diversify their portfolio. By holding a mix of assets that are not highly correlated with each other, they can reduce risk and protect against losses in any one particular asset class.

Overall, Tige Investments' and Reagan Lancaster's investment in Sourcetap is a smart move that offers the potential for strong returns, access to a high-growth industry, and diversification benefits. It's a valuable addition to the investment portfolio.

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